Where in Australia are all the eligible men?

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The population’s growing longevity – thanks to the marvels of medicine – has an extra bonus for Aussie ladies … they can hang onto their men for longer!

Oh, okay, stop groaning, sisters! But you have to know that some of us singles actually wouldn’t mind partnering up. The problem is, we don’t know where all the eligible men are.

For starters, the statistics are against us. There are more women for every man in Australia. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that in 2017 there were 193,000 more females than males, and the older we get, the tougher the competition becomes as our dear fellows drop off and the ratio narrows.

And if you are thinking of meeting Mr Right on a tour, forget it. The majority of the men travelling that way are already in a couple.

However, you can increase your chances of a hook-up depending on which parts of Australia you travel to. Darwin, for instance, is notorious for being home to more blokes than sheilas.

The ABS says there are 111 fellas for every 100 lasses in the top end. But the Adelaide ladies luck out with just 96.7 men for every 100 women. Gosh, I reckon even the 0.7 of a man in that statistic wouldn’t want for female attention.

Going on the last census of the Australian population, the ABS has identified a handful of suburbs and regions where men outnumber women, and no surprises for guessing that they tend to be mining towns. And it lists those places where the women will have to battle it out with each other to snare a man. See below.

If you are willing to venture overseas in search of your ‘foreign affair’, check out the cities that Traveller recommends you visit to boost your chances.

So there you have it, ladies. If you want to increase your odds of pairing up, you now know which locations to head to and which ones to ditch. Good luck!

Would you travel for love? Have you ever had a long-distance relationship, and if so, did it work?

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Written by Olga Galacho


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    You got to be desperate..

  2. 0

    Does not take into consideration that many of these men and women might be interested in same sex relationships, and also many women and men are quite happy to be without a relationship. Blokes up the top end are too busy working in the mines aren’t they?

  3. 0

    A lot of men I know that have retired have gone overseas to live & are far more happier than when in Australia.

  4. 0

    So now we know the ACT is over-populated by women! No wonder even old male politicians get lucky there! Canberra is clearly an odd & unreal place which doesn’t work for real people. Maybe shutting it down and moving the Capital to Sydney could improve this country.

  5. 0

    All the high paying cushy bludging government jobs are being taken up by women

  6. 0

    The ratios mean nothing. (I’d even suggest that the main reason for the “excess” of men in Wacol is because they are guests of “Her Majesty” in the local prison. Not exactly a desirable potential mate.)
    The problem is in actually crossing paths with potential mates in a situation where it is easy and comfortable to take it further.
    I suggest joining a club where present ratios suggest that there will be “easy pickings” for any intelligent and well presented woman. Over the years I have been a member at various times of clubs where the women have been typically outnumbered 9 to 1. These clubs include photography, cars, computers and aero. These are all interests that are open to all regardless of gender or sexual orientation and welcome any potential member interested in learning more or sharing their knowledge with existing members. The photography, car and aero clubs also generally have what are essentially social weekends away where there are always spare seats for extra travellors.
    Also, all those clubs are often desperate for capable people prepared to serve on the Committee.



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