World's least reliable airlines – there's an Aussie on the list

New study reveals the world’s most and least reliable airlines.

Almost every traveller, at some time or another, has experienced flight delays or even cancellations. And while it may be a rare occasion for some airlines, for others, it can happen more often.

Travel insurer Get Going has assessed the world’s airlines to find the most and least reliable carriers.

Taking into account five key factors such as percentage of flights delayed, average delay waiting time, percentage of flights cancelled, safety ranking and customer rating, Get Going published a list of reliable carriers and their opposites.

The study found that the most reliable airline was Japan Airlines, which had just 10.5 per cent of its flights being delayed and only 1.05 per cent cancelled.

KLM Cityhopper from the Netherlands actually had a lower number of delayed flights (9.6 per cent), but more cancellations (1.13 per cent) coupled with longer average wait times of 33 minutes.

Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo proved that not all budget airlines are ‘bad’, with just 14.7 per cent of flights delayed and only 0.07 per cent cancelled.

Rounding out the top five carriers were KLM and Azul Brazilian Airlines, with Emirates, Qatar, ANA (Japan), Jet Airways (India) and Finnair making up the top 10.

Denver-based low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines copped the wooden spoon, and is the least reliable airline of those studied, with almost three in 10 flights delayed and average wait time of 65 minutes.

Qantas was in the middle of the pack, placing at 27th, while budget carrier Jetstar ranked fourth last, with almost 28 per cent of its flights delayed.

“With people beginning to plan their holidays for the year, everyone wants to be reassured that things will go according to plan when they book their flight,” said Get Going spokesperson Josh Hancock.

“By updating our research this year, we hope that travellers can be confident in their choices and also avoid any unnecessary hassle that could potentially ruin what is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time.”

With which airline do you fly? Do you notice more delays and cancellations than you’d like? Which do you think is Australia’s least reliable airline?



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    2nd Feb 2019
    Jetstar is not known as "Crapstar" or "Deathstar" for nothing.
    They have a 100% failure rate with me. Every time I`ve used them they have cancelled the flight.
    Disclaimer: I have only attempted to use them once. NEVER AGAIN.
    2nd Feb 2019
    Are we lucky or what - never had a delay. WORST Airline we have
    flown with is Aeroflot - awful service all round. Always had good service with Singapore Airlines.
    2nd Feb 2019
    I used to work at Mascot - it was commonly called Aeroflop... they'd fly the real junk heaps in and they would be grounded, and Qantas did the maintenance on them... back when Qantas employed Australians,that is....

    Even saw the Concorde - like a racing car compared to the surburban people movers beside it.

    A travel agent told me that Singo airlines took some extra care for those with disabilities.
    2nd Feb 2019
    I will choose Singapore or Emirates over Qantas any day. On time clean friendly air crew food especially. All above the poor attempt from Qantas.
    2nd Feb 2019
    Sounds to me like you have. Never flown with Qantas
    2nd Feb 2019
    Qantas, overpriced and overated. Flown with them in the past never again far better airlines around now.
    2nd Feb 2019
    The worst airline in Oz? No doubt about it: TigerAir! Flights are either diverted, very late, or simply cancelled much, much too often! Abysmal reaction from them when this happens. They just don't give a damn! NEVER fly with this crowd of losers unless you are a masochist or love disappointments! TigerAir - you are the pits and the bottom of the airline barrel...
    2nd Feb 2019
    Tiger Air is very reliable though in Asia, never had a problem. May be caused by the challenges posed here by Qantas who tries to muscle out opposition, and of course local management.
    3rd Feb 2019
    Well they don't rate a mention in the worst airlines, so, one can only assume you had bad luck!
    Then of course you have to know WHY the flight may be late or grounded. Maybe it is not always the airlines fault!
    2nd Feb 2019
    South China Air gets my vote as the airline from Hell
    2nd Feb 2019
    Couldn’t agree more !!
    2nd Feb 2019
    I haven't found Jetstar that bad, may be the particular flight routes I book. Found
    Qantas less reliable. One of the most reliable airlines I frequently fly didn't get mentioned, Air Asia.
    2nd Feb 2019
    Air Asia is pretty good - flew with them to Kuala Lumpur, and another flight to Manila. I found the seats in economy a little constricted though for a long flight to and from Australia. Scoot is another budget airline that now flies directly from the Gold Coast to Singapore. Cheap but effective, though the meals (bought) aren't anything to write about! LOL... best airline: Emirates - great service, I found. Qantas - pretty ordinary! As a national airline, they are not cheap and need to lift their game!

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