NY more accessible than ever

Anyone who’s ever been to New York will tell you how massive the city seems, and that no matter how long you spend there, you’ll feel as though you’ve hardly scratched the surface.

The sheer size of New York and the fact that it’s split into five boroughs – all of which have a million reasons to visit – can make getting around the ‘Capital of the World’ a most daunting experience. Imagine then, what it would be like to do it with limited mobility, vision or hearing …

Well, New York City’s official destination marketing organisation, NYC & Company, has launched a new digital resource to make your NYC travel experience more accessible than it’s ever been – for everyone.

aerial view of new york city

Accessible NYC not only contains innovative travel planning tools, it also has people with disability and limited mobility in mind. The website features search functionality that shows amenities which accommodate physical, visual and auditory accessibility, making it more possible for more people to experience the wonder of New York City and surrounds.

“Every single person who visits should be able to experience the countless attractions offered throughout New York City,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Our goal is to make sure accessibility does not stand in the way of enjoying incredible destinations across all five boroughs. Accessible NYC visitor resources help make that goal a reality.”

“New York City is the most inspirational and exciting destination on the planet, and we believe that experiencing its attractions and energy should be accessible to every visitor,” said CEO of NYC & Company Fred Dixon.

“Our new Accessible NYC guide will help visitors confidently choose NYC as their next travel destination, and helps to further reinforce that all are welcome.”

“Gaining access to everything the city has to offer regardless of your disability is at the core of what our office does, and Accessible NYC achieves that,” said Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Victor Calise.

“With more than 60 million people visiting NYC every year, we estimate that 6 million of them (10 per cent) are people with disabilities, and making informed decisions before they leave will ensure that their time spent visiting the Greatest City in the World is spent in the most accessible places.”

The accessibility of a destination is a crucial factor when it comes to many visitors’ travel decisions. Accessible NYC will not only provide unique, inspirational content for visitors but will provide more and new information for planning their New York City experience.

Accessible NYC users can read editorial to inspire their New York City travels, from discovering “Accessible Broadway Theater” to browsing an “Accessible Arts & Culture Calendar.” An interactive search filter allows travellers to find hotels, restaurants, attractions and more, sorted by the specific resources that accommodate their mobility, auditory and visual needs, and can also be sorted by neighbourhoods across all five boroughs.

To view Accessible NYC, visit www.nycgo.com/accessibility

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