Innovative campaign to inspire future travel to the Sunshine Coast

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Even the name Sunshine Coast promises the perfect holiday, but there’s so much more to this stunning Queensland region than a name, and that’s exactly what an innovative new campaign hopes to project in order to inspire future travel to the area once restrictions are lifted.

“A Taste of Escape uses state-of-the-art Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response techniques to provide sensory sensations through a wide range of sounds that capture the essence and richness of the Sunshine Coast’s experiences and attractions,:” says a Visit Sunshine Coast release.

From beaches to the everglades, the hinterland and surrounding wilderness to some of the region’s most famous attractions, the campaign hopes to provide a ‘taste’ of what the destination offers and to inspire overnight stays once travellers are allowed out again.

From 12 June, travellers will be able to visit the Sunshine Coast from a 250km radius, stretching from Bundaberg in the north, Toowoomba in the west and the NSW border in the south.

For now, it’s day trips only within a distance of 150km.

The A Taste of Escape campaign will feature on Visit Sunshine Coast’s Facebook and Instagram social media channels, enabling visitors to experience and identify the distinctive sounds of the region.

Here’s a sample. 

A special microsite – – has also been launched and the campaign has been fully adapted for smartphones.

Given the increased time people have spent locked up over the past few months, the new campaign aims to satisfy a pent-up desire to reconnect and get back in touch with nature.

“With travel restrictions currently in place our aim is to inspire people by connecting with the region’s rich tapestry of sounds and senses,” said Visit Sunshine Coast chief Simon Latchford.

“The sensory element will help engage with people who are thinking about an escape after spending so much time in lockdown.

“The A Taste of Escape microsite will feature an extensive collection of Sunshine Coast imagery as well as stories about the people and places that make our region special.

“While we expect our wide-open spaces and natural attractions to be a particular drawcard for future travellers, our campaign will be equally about encouraging visitors to support local businesses and tourism operators that will progressively open over the coming months.

“As we move towards the next stage of travel in Queensland, we will announce more details on accommodation and product that will be available for visitors to experience during their stays.

“It’s been an incredibly tough year for local tourism, but with the new campaign and the easing of travel restrictions, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.”

Can you wait to get to the Sunshine Coast? Where is the first place you aim to go once restrictions are lifted?

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    We have made a reservation for a stay on the Sunshine Coast, which we love, at the end of October 🙂 BUT, if ‘things’ are still the same, for this Over 70 couple, we shall not hesitate to cancel and wait a bit longer. No worries 😉



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