Qantas and Air NZ join forces

Qantas and Air New Zealand have joined forces on reciprocal code-sharing which, in plain terms, means easier travel, faster connections and reduced flight times in Australia and New Zealand.

The agreement will affect 115 domestic routes in Australia and New Zealand and includes combining efforts to improve ground handling, freight and the flight experience with both airlines.

Cooperation between the two major carriers could reduce total journey times by up to two hours.

The reciprocal codeshare agreement will play on the strengths of both airlines, making travel within Australia and New Zealand much easier. Passengers will benefit from reduced connection times, improved baggage handling, and more efficient coordination of check-in and transfers on 30 routes in New Zealand and 85 routes in Australia.

Customers will also have access to 36 lounges on both sides of the ditch.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the two airlines have a shared goal of making travel easier.

“Our relationship with Air New Zealand goes back almost 80 years. We’ve been partners at various stages over that time and we have a lot of respect for them as a competitor,” said Mr Joyce.

“A code-share deal on our domestic networks makes sense for customers because it leverages the strengths we each have in our home markets.”

Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon said the airlines will combine their strengths to offer customers a better flying experience.

“While the two airlines will continue to compete very strongly across all markets, Air New Zealand and Qantas are known for having a commitment to innovation, customer service excellence, operational performance and safety. We are confident that our respective customers will enjoy the reciprocal benefits on both sides of the Tasman,” said Mr Luxon.


Have you flown with either Qantas or Air New Zealand? What do you think of their service?

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