Queensland's 'cheapest island ever' more affordable than a house

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When you think of private island owners you may think of the Hollywood elites, gangly tech whizzes and private jet owners. But a quick scroll on privateislandsonline.com will prove you wrong. 

Worthington Island, nestled behind Curtis Island State Forest north of Brisbane, is on the market for just $385,000. The island includes 69 acres of farmland, an orchard with fruit trees, wildflowers, bird life, great crabbing and fishing, and ample water tanks. The property also comes with some – strictly for work and ‘definitely not for fun’ – equipment including a ride-on mower, a Kubota ride-on, a 250 Yamaha quad bike, pit bike and a TE20 tractor. The island is also equipped with beehives and beekeeping equipment, although while bees have been spotted on the island, they aren’t currently living in the hives.

Located just 20 minutes from Gladstone harbour, and close to open waters and the famous Heron Island, the property is just a 40-minute flight from Brisbane. Admittedly, the home on the property is more of a shack, but with a great waterfront view.

All image credit to australianislands.com.au.

The advertisement on australianislands.com.au labels it “cheapest island ever”, and tells potential buyers to “stop wondering what the high-end wealthy are doing, and own your own island that is cheaper than a house block in the ‘burbs, this is absolute waterfront”.

A private island for you and your friends to escape to when the world goes belly up may not be such a bad idea given the year we’ve just witnessed.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a private island? If you owned Worthington Island, who would you bring to your getaway and what would you do with it?

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    Hopefully a better result than the 99 year lease granted for the whole of Keswick Is in the Whit sundays. Aussies ‘ freedoms being pushed restricted by the new Asian leasee….
    ot a good look Qld State Govt.?



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