Australia’s funniest place names

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Bong Bong, Stinkhole, Boobs Flat, Mount Buggery. These are just some of Australia’s quirkiest place names.

One may question the origin of these town names. To some who have visited these places, the origins of these names may be quite obvious. Some of these town names are naughty, many are just plain strange. Whatever the case, Australia is home to some truly original town titles.

I could have gone on for hours with this piece. I mean, Tassie alone is home to Thrush Forest, The Grunter, Awesome Wells, Dunny’s Dam, Mossy Nipple Bend, Bottom Hole, Granny’s Gut, Little Hell and Satan’s Lair.

However, I didn’t have all day, so here’s a list of some of my favourites from all over Down Under.

Banana, Qld
Just south of Rockhampton, Banana is home to lots of cows, but no bananas.

Binnaway, NSW
Haven’t most of us?

Boing Boing, NT
It may not be a bouncy town, but it does mean ‘mosquitoes buzzing’ in Aboriginal.

Bong Bong, NSW
Because one is never enough. It’s an Aboriginal phrase meaning ‘out of sight’.

Boobs Flat, Tas
It’s a town right next to Big Bush.

Boyland, Qld
Sounds like a good name for a boy band.

Broke, NSW
With all the wine growing in this region, it’s no wonder why.

Burpengary, Qld
Gary after eating a cucumber salad.

Chinaman’s Knob, Vic
Um, yes …

Christmas Island
Not for the thousands of refugees detained there …

Cock Wash, SA
I shan’t elaborate …

Cockburn, WA
Named after a fellow who stood too close to the fire. No, it’s named in honour of Vice Admiral Sir George Cockburn.

Come By Chance, NSW
So, don’t actually plan to go there.

Crack Pot, Tas
The people are quite sane, though.

Crocodile Rock, Tas
Looks like crocodile teeth.

Deep Thought, Tas
Obviously a good spot for meditating.

Diapur, VIC
It’s really not that sh###y a place.

Dismal Swamp, Tas
Depends on your point of view.

Doo Town, Tas
There’s so much to do there!

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tas
Named for the wildflowers in the region, not the hearty breakfast.

Foul Bay, SA
It’s actually not so bad.

Gooloogong, NSW
Home to 250 Gooloogongians.

Grong Grong, NSW
It means ‘poor camping ground’.

Humpty Doo, NT
Humpty doo to you, too.

Humpybong, Qld
It just sounds funny. It also means ‘dead shelters’ in Aboriginal.

Innaloo, WA
It’s not. It’s named after an Aboriginal woman.

Koolyanobbing, WA
Aboriginal for ‘large hard rocks’, not ‘large cold rocks’.

Mangalore, Vic
Sounds like a male strip show.

Mount Buggery, Vic
Not sure why. Maybe it’s a tough hill to climb?

Nar Nar Goon, Vic
I’ve always loved the name of this town. It’s nice there, too. Named after the Aboriginal word for koala.

Nowhere Else, Tas
Except the town in SA that’s also named Nowhere Else.

Orange, NSW
A town where they grow apples.

Packenham Upper, Vic
My all-time favourite place name.

Pimpinbudgie, Qld
Not named after a bird who pimps out other birds.

Prominent Nob, SA
Hmmm …

Poowong, Vic
Here’s an article that tells you how to poo right.

Prickly Bottom, Tas
Not the most comfortable place to take a seat.

Stinkhole, Tasmania
Obviously, whoever named this place wasn’t taken by the smell.

The End of the World, Tas
C’mon, it’s not that bad!

Tom Ugly, NSW
Allegedly named after an attractive indigenous man.

Tonguers Point, Tas
Maybe it has something to do with the shape of the town?

Upotipotpon, Vic
Even the locals find this one difficult to pronounce.

Wagga Wagga, NSW
It’s a highly-referenced town which means ‘the place of many crows’.

Watanobbi, NSW
There are so many nobs in Australia, aren’t there? This one means ‘hills surrounded by water’.

Wineglass Bay, Tas
Well, because it’s shaped like a wineglass.

Wonglepong, Qld
It’s just so much fun to say!

Woolloomooloo, NSW
It means ‘young kangaroo’ – it just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Xantippe, WA
It’s Australia’s only place name that starts with an ‘X’.

Yackandandah, Vic
Another one that’s fun to say.

Yorkeys Knob, Qld
A town named after a knob named after a Yorkshire fisherman named George Yorkey Lawson.

What’s your favourite place name? Do you have one that’s not on this list? Have you ever visited any of these places? If so, do the names suit the location?


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