Sexiest airline lounge in the world


Recent travel polls have revealed that frequent air travellers regard the airline lounge equally as important as the inflight experience.


The team at YourLifeChoices gets around a lot. In recent months, SJ has visited Tenerife, Rome, Mykonos, and London. Leon has been to Nevada via LAX, Debbie has winged her way to Queenstown and Ho Chi Minh City, and Kaye has enjoyed Rome and Hong Kong.


Sometimes we have access to airport lounges, sometimes not. So when we do, we keep a keen eye out for the over and above experience that savvy YourLifeChoices members will enjoy.


Today we are making a big call by naming the sexiest airport lounge in the world.


So which airline lounge takes the prize?


Well the YourLifeChoices team has decided that it’s impossible to go past Cathay Pacific’s the Pier, the extraordinary new Business Class space at Hong Kong International Airport.


cathay pacific the oier


First opened in 2001, a recent refurbishment in 2015 saw a 50 per cent increase in floor space, allowing more than 500 passengers to be comfortably and quietly accommodated.


This lounge is cool personified. The contemporary Asian concept is based on Hong Kong street life, with a ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ journey.


‘Fast’ means easy access to food and beverage and washing or refreshing spaces. ‘Slow’ is captured by solo chair lounges with side tables and maximum privacy and the immensely calm tea house, featuring green ceramic décor and a choice of 10 teas to sample and enjoy.


Those who have visited Cathay lounges in Hong Kong previously will already be fans of the amazing Noodle Bar. It’s been taken to a whole new level in the Pier, with made-to-order noodles, dumplings and Dim Sum.


A food hall, bar featuring beer, spirits, wine and cocktails and a bespoke coffee cart add to the strong range of dining experiences. So whether you are setting out to explore the world, or returning wearily from a frenetic business trip, the Pier has the right space for your frame of mind. And when it all gets too much, the relaxation room, with low upholstered lounges, footstools and gentle lighting offers respite from the journey. 

Where: Opposite Gate 65, HKIA

How: as a Business Class traveller with Cathay Pacific, a Marco Polo Club Silver and above member, or oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members

When: from 5:30 am to after the last flight departs


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