Shocking news about plane water

It’s hardly a secret that plane water is not safe for drinking – especially from the bathroom. YourLifeChoices has also warned against drinking tea and coffee on planes. But a new study has revealed even more shocking news about plane water.

The 2019 Airline Water Study rated US airlines based on their quality of water, with five being the highest and zero the lowest. A score of 3.0 or better indicates that the airline has relatively safe, clean water.

airplane bathroom

The analysis revealed that water quality varied between airlines, but suggested that passengers would be better off using hand sanitiser than bathroom water to wash their hands.

Among major US airlines, Alaska and Allegiant scored the highest at just 3.3, followed by Hawaiian at 3.1. JetBlue and Spirit (both 1.0) scored the lowest, with JetBlue in particular having “a relatively high number of water samples testing positive for E. coli and a high number of violations for failure to conduct routine monitoring”.

While this is a US study, with scores that low, one wonders about the water quality on all our nation’s carriers. It may be a case of ‘better safe than sorry’ and following the advice handed down as a result of this study.

Do you drink plane water? Do you drink tea and coffee on board? Are you surprised by the findings of this study? Do you think Aussie carriers would perform any better?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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