Smartest travel phone charger

The only thing more annoying than when your phone dies, is when it dies whilst you’re travelling. Thankfully there’s a new charger that’s got you covered, power point or not.

Not only frustrating, for some it can be a downright dangerous situation in which to find yourself. While carrying around a spare cord or portable battery charger is one way to avoid this issue, it doesn’t solve the problem that the power outlet is most likely not the same fitting as your plug.

Thankfully there’s now an option that addresses both these challenges to ensure you’re never left in the lurch again.

The Window Cling Solar Charger is a genius device that, as the name suggests, is 100 per cent solar powered. Simply stick it on a window – whether that be on a train, in a car, your room or even a restaurant, plug it into you phone and within no time your device will be back to its useful self.

A (battery) life saver, the Window Cling Solar Charger is not only handy but environmentally friendly as well. A win win we say.

RRP: Prices from USD$17 plus shipping from Amazon

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