Eating alone encouraged

Forget romantic candlelit dinners with your significant other, the latest trend when it comes to this restaurant is all about one being company and two most definitely a crowd.

The latest venture out of the cool city that is Amsterdam is EENMAAL, the world’s first one-person restaurant. Founded by Marina van Goor, the idea was developed to address the fact that most people do not enjoy eating alone, instead often feeling embarrassed, and on the receiving end of unwanted stares from other diners.

Calling eating alone “the most extreme form of feeling disconnected in our culture”, Marina wanted EENMAAL to help break the negative connotations attached to eating out alone and to make it easier for people to enjoy a solo meal.

Located in a 17th-century canal house, EENMAAL was originally only opened as a pop-up restaurant designed to only last two days. The demand has been so strong and steady that 18 months later, it’s unlikely EENMAAL will be going anywhere anytime soon, with the concept even appearing in London for a two day pop-up thanks to Glacéau Smartwater.

With a capacity of 20 tables for one, the first-of-its-kind restaurant isn’t just for solo travellers, with locals encouraged to frequent EENMAAL too.

Branded by Marina as an “attractive place for temporary disconnection”, we love the idea. After all, is there really any better company than your own?

What do you think of this unique dining experience? Would you like to see more restaurants like EENMAAL opening?

Find out more at EENMAAL.

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