Hands-on travel

The travel industry traditionally offers safe and secure escorted tours for older travellers. This might mean coach tours abroad and at home, cruising or point-to-point train journeys. The desire for increased travel engagement is now forcing tour operators to create more personalised itineraries including self-drive, individual walking adventures and other independent touring options.

Whilst it is entirely clichéd to repeat the mantra that 60 is the new 50, it is true that the majority of today’s 60-year-olds are far fitter and more active than their parents. This means their travel requirements are far more adventurous. Rather than simply seeing they wish to be doing. This translates into adventure tourism, immersion tourism, voluntourism and working sabbaticals. Interest in local culture and history may mean language classes, hands-on archeological digs or environmental activities including recording of endangered flora and fauna. This does not mean the “flop and drop” tropical holiday is out of favour – but it will just be part of the mix and not the main game.