Solo Travellers Club

Are you a solo traveller? Then this should interest you. Forty per cent of Australians over 60 are single and many wish to travel. The Seniors Holiday Travel Club recognised this about a decade and a half ago by creating its Solo Travellers Club, to assist solo travellers with their future travel.

Some solo travellers are looking for a travelling companion, and its Solo Travellers Club has matched thousands of solo travellers, many of whom now travel together year after year.

Other solo travellers want to have their own room or cabin, without paying the usually expensive single supplements. Seniors Holiday Travel Club has been lobbying hard for 15 years to reduce such supplements and now gets regular offers of reduced single supplements, or even no single supplement, which are eagerly snapped up by member of the Solo Travellers Club.

Solo travellers are often keen to travel with other solo travellers, so they don’t feel that they stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, with the rest of the group being couples. Seniors Holiday Travel has also been lobbying for this and now some companies do organise ‘solos only’ tours.

Of course, just travelling with even a few other solos on a group tour can greatly reduce the ‘sore thumb syndrome’.

Find out more about the Solo Travellers Club.


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