Staying sharp abroad

Ever opened a suitcase and found that your shirt has been crushed? If crinkles in your clothes are an inconvenience on your travels, this compact iron might be able to straighten it out for you.

Iron Maven is a small, lightweight travel iron that is perfect for the sharp traveller. Whether away for business or leisure, if looking sharp is a must, this iron has got your back.

Wearing silk, polyester, denim, cotton or linen? Don’t worry, with five adjustable temperature settings perfect for each, there’s no excuse for any outfit to be looking shabby. This travel iron can rotate, shrink and enlarge its shape to be used on collars and cuffs, on closed angle settings to open winged flat settings for larger areas like shirt fronts and pant legs. It can easily fit in carry-on luggage and is simple to use. Whether walking through foreign streets, going out for dinner, events with family and friends or simply a nice outing, you can keep it classy on the go.

But Iron Maven wouldn’t have to be put away once the trip ends! Because of its small size, only 127mm by 76mm by 36mm, it could also be perfect for apartment or unit living, where compact tools are always appreciated.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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