Take your own passport pics

No one likes having their passport photograph taken. No smiling, no expression: the act of having your picture taken under these conditions is bad enough, and then you get the picture itself and, unless you’re part of that rare photogenic breed who shouldn’t be allowed to share our air, it’s often terrible.

You now have the joy of having this picture be your introduction to new countries for years to come. And you probably paid a fortune for that honour, too. Yay.

A new app called Passport Booth could save you time, money and, most importantly, the embarrassment of having your passport photo taken at your local post office.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Passport Booth helps you take 5cm x 5cm photos to use in a passport, visa, identity card, and more.

Simply download the app, find a white background and follow the app’s prompts to take the best possible passport pic.

The app allows you to review the pics, make sure they qualify for your chosen application (i.e. passport, ID card, etc). Once you’re happy with your pic, save it, email it to yourself, print it, or take it to your local photoshop to be printed.

Here are some tips for the best results.

1. Use a plain white background (i.e. whiteboard, white wall, etc)

2. Does your photo have shadows? If your photos have shadows (which aren’t allowed in passport pics), take one step away from the wall and avoid any bright lights directly in front of you.

3. Ask a friend to take your photo using the back camera, as the selfie camera is often lower resolution.

4. Remove your glasses before taking your passport photo.

5. Always check that you satisfy the document’s requirements before saving or printing your photo.

6. Look straight into the camera with neutral expression – no smiles!

Download Passport Booth for Apple and Android devices.

Read more about the app at www.passportbooth.com.

Would you use an app like this instead of braving the passport photo experience?

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