The best way to remember your holiday

Ever had trouble remembering your favourite holiday?

Sure, immediately after a trip, it’s easy to recall all the fun, food and good times you had. But what about years after, when the memories fade and those photographs can’t be found?

And even when you do find those photos at the bottom of a shoebox in your study cupboard, they hardly bring back the true sense of what it was like to be standing in the Mediterranean sun in Santorini.

Yet research shows that the average Aussie snaps about 236 pictures of their holiday each week they’re away. Around 97 per cent of travellers feel that they spend too much time behind a camera.

While many come back disappointed with their happy snaps, frequent traveller Sue Collins is grateful that she took photos.

“I am most definitely grateful for the memories that I have, because every now and then I will have a quiet laugh to myself when I think about what was happening at that exact time the photo was taken,” Sue told YourLifeChoices.

“These days I rarely look at the photos as life gets busy. However, every now and then I may come across a particular photo and all my fond memories come flooding back.”

Science suggests that there’s a better way to recall your holiday. In fact, research has shown that the most powerful way to evoke memories is by scent.

“Not only is smell our oldest sense, it also has a direct link to the hippocampus – the main memory centre of the brain. Scent can therefore bring back memories much faster and stronger than any of our other senses,” says Dr Oliver Baumann, a researcher at Queensland Brain Institute.

With this in mind, Cathay Pacific has created a perfume that’s scientifically crafted to ignite passengers’ travel memories.


It’s called Parfums de Voyage and it’s a collaboration between Cathay Pacific and renowned perfume expert Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room in Melbourne, Australia.

The first scent off the block has been created to evoke memories of Hong Kong, with a fragrance with a “fresh, clean top note inspired by the greenery of the island, drying down to a warm, peppery base note that’s evocative of exotic spices and smoky incense”.

Research shows that 65 per cent of Australians wish they could do more than take photos to remember their holidays.

How much would Sue value a scent that reminded her more clearly of her Hong Kong holiday?

“Hong Kong has a variety of smells. If you were to think about the temples, then the aroma that descended upon you on entering them was something to have to be experienced. You could simply lose yourself with its serenity and perfume,” said Sue.

Parfums de Voyage will be available on board selected Cathay Pacific flights from October 2017.

Learn more about Parfums de Voyage.  

Would you like a scent that reminded you of your holidays? What do you think about this idea? How good would it be to have custom scents designed to help you recall your favourite trips?

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