The new wave of hotels

This new wave of marine-based and underwater hotels means that sleeping with the fishes translates into more than a fictional mafia threat.


While some already exist, such as the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai and Per Aquum Niyama in the Maldives, there is a new wave of dream marine-based hotels on the horizon.



Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels is planning a to open an underwater luxury boutique hotel in Cuba’s waters. It plans to open 15 such sites around the world, with hotels that will sit 10m below sea level and focus on reef restoration and ocean conservation.


Planet Ocean claim it will invest five per cent of the total construction cost in marine conservation, and 10 per cent of total proceeds towards coral reef restoration.



Also on the cards is a floating hotel that will satisfy cruise lovers and home-bodies at the same time. The hotel will offer cruise-lovers the best of both worlds. The MORPHotel will be a complex structure of connected pods that will stretch around 800m, containing facilities such as helipads, restaurants, rooms and pools. Guests will also be able to take a boat out for a tour of the ocean.


Here are some more amazing water hotels already in operation.



Would you like to stay in one of these places? Or have you already done so?


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