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If you’re lucky enough to be retired, this article may not be relevant to you. While every day may not be a holiday, the days of trying to squeeze as much time out as possible of your annual leave, public holidays, and maybe even the odd sick day, are long gone. Good for you!

If, like me, you’re still chained to your desk (well, not physically but you know what I mean) then this is, if I do say so myself, required reading.

This is the only calendar you need for 2019, where some genius has restored my faith in humanity by calculating how – by strategic selection of your leave days – you can more than double your annual leave. Yes, you read that correctly: who wants 20 days of holiday when you could have 45?

The best part is there is no maths required. They’ve done all the calculations and hard work for you. All you need to do is pay attention for the next two minutes and then follow their lead.

Created by Contiki (thank them later), the formula takes the average number of annual leave days – 20 – along with public holidays, and formulates a plan for the leave dates you should take to achieve your 45 days of bliss.


Simple enough for anyone to follow, the 2019 calendar shows public holidays in purple, key weekends in yellow, and when you should take your annual leave in blue to hit the magic number 45. You have been paying attention, right?

The result?

  • A combined Easter and ANZAC break of (a whopping) 16 days, using only seven days of leave.
  • Two nine-day holidays over the Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day weekends from four days of annual leave each break.
  • 11 days off over Christmas and New Year (21–31 December) from five days of leave … make that 12, if you add on 1 January!

Sure beats being stuck at your desk responding to emails from Susan in accounts, if you ask me. But you better be quick and lock this leave in with your boss now (if not sooner) before your colleagues beat you to those Pina Coladas!

Read more at Contiki.

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Written by SJ


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