Amazing Vacuum Travel Kit

Don’t run out of space in your suitcases any longer. Vacuum seal your clothes and give yourself 70 per cent more space inside your suitcase on your next holiday.

Unlike other methods of sealing which require you to find and use a full-blown vacuum to shrink and seal all of your bags, the Dr Save Vacuum Travel Kit includes a unique hand-held and battery-operated vacuum pump for quick shrinking of the size of the goods in your bag.

Most importantly, it’s lightweight and is easily packed in your bag to ensure vacuum sealing for the return trip!

Features include:

  • compact size of the vacuum sealing unit means you can bring it with you to create more suitcase space on the way home
  • the size of soft goods reduced by 70 per cent
  • ideal for storing seasonal wear, comforters, large jackets, pillows, etc.
  • protects and preserves clothes: there’s no air so there are no insects, dust, mildew, moisture, musty odours or discolouration on soft goods.


Travel Kit includes:

  • one vacuum sealing unit
  • two 60cm x 40cm vacuum bags
  • two 70cm x 50cm vacuum bags

This gadget details for A$90 with shipping from

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Written by Drew Patchell

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