Five little-known travel tips

Add these five travel tips to your arsenal to discover how to get the best seat in the house, back up all your photos on the go, get the lowest prices and pack like a pro.

Best seat in the house
Every aeroplane make and model is different, and they each have their own quirks when it comes to seating. Knowing where the emergency exit rows are, or that an emergency crew hatch on the floor means there is no seat in front of you (and thus more leg room), can mean the difference between a cramped flight and getting the best seat in the house. Websites such as and detail the pros and cons of each seat on different types of aeroplanes, so you know what you’re getting when you book.

Back up on the go
Losing your camera or smartphone on a trip is always a lowlight, but if you have travel insurance at least the device itself can be replaced. But what about all the photos of your trip that went missing? Backing up photos while you travel can be a pain, especially if you are using multiple devices. The Picture Keeper is a smart gadget that aims to solve this problem. It’s a USB storage device that automatically finds stores all your photos without creating duplicates. You can use it with multiple devices on the same trip, to be sure all your photos are backed up in one place. Just be sure to store the Picture Keeper and your other devices separately so, if something unfortunate occurs, you’ve always got a backup.

The six-month rule
When checking the expiry date on your passport, subtract six-months. Although in Australia you can use your passport right up to the date it expires, in some countries your passport will be deemed invalid if you have less than six-months left until the expiry date. To avoid being denied entry to your destination country, remember the six-month rule and get your passport renewed early.

Go undercover
When booking flights, accommodation, car rental, train tickets and more, it is best to use enable the privacy function on your Internet browser. For example, if you are using Google Chrome, open a new ‘incognito’ window. This is because travel company websites will sometimes track your visits and raise the price of the tickets simply because you’ve visited the website before. When you go incognito they don’t recognise you, so you’ll get the lowest price on offer.

Take your packing to the next level
Rolling, rather than folding, your clothes when packing for a trip is one of the best ways to avoid creases. This packing technique shown in this video improves again on the rolling system. Even better, it allows you to pre-select an entire outfit for each day, which means less time deciding what to wear (or being asked ‘Is that what you’re wearing?’ by your significant other) and more time for holiday fun.

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