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Aside from the fact that travel requires both money and time – arguably two of the most sought after things – there are few reasons why one would not spend more time jet setting. And when it comes to travel, the aim of the game is most definitely to squeeze as much out of your precious dollars as possible.


If you’re anything like me, you probably hate to think how much time you’ve actually spent refreshing Skyscanner researching flights and scouring the web for the best hotel deal, all the while wondering if there’s a best day to book. Well, wonder no more. Last year we shared the best day of the week to book flights, and now we happily present you with the best day of the week to book hotels.


Expedia, the well-known travel website, recently analysed its own data to discover that the best day to book a hotel is Sunday. By making reservations on a Sunday you are likely to get a better rate than if you were to book on other days of the week.



This is an interesting contrast to the research from Expedia last year that found that Tuesday was the best day to book flights in order to get the best possible fare.


For your next trip, do your research on any day of the week, but save booking your flight until Sunday and book a hotel on Tuesday. We’ve also got another great tip that involves using a private internet window to further ensure you get the best price.


Do you have any tips for getting the best possible rates when it comes to travel?

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