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Friends of YourLifeChoices, Max and Jenny, took six weeks to see some of the world. Cruising Europe, exploring the UK, and taking on Morocco and Dubai were all on their itinerary. For those who dream of such a trip, the best recommendations and information often come from those who have been there before and are only too happy to share their experiences.

From their flight to cruising the Baltic, travelling the UK, an Insight Tour of Morocco and enjoying a relaxing stopover in Dubai on the way home, Max and Jenny share their experiences so you can discover all those things other travel blogs may not mention.

The flight
The 14-hour, nonstop Emirates flight from Melbourne to Dubai was one of the best we’ve experienced – even in economy class. With our newly purchased noise reduction headphones (probably not necessary because the A380 is comparatively quiet) and a mild sleep inducer along the way, the journey was relatively easy. The smooth ride in an A380 was topped off with an excellent entertainment package – but we must say, that the Emirates flight attendants are some of the friendliest we’ve encountered. Also, their efficiency level was never in question, with lunch being served about an hour after breakfast during the six-hour flight from Dubai to Copenhagen – a precursor of the week to come, with far too much food and drink on board. But back to the flight – watching the live tailcam vision and coincidently listening to the Eagles’ Life in the fast lane during the landing conjured thoughts of a wonderful and adventurous six weeks ahead. 

Pre-cruise hassles
Jetlagged after about 45 hours from wake-up time in Melbourne, and, after a long walk around town, we fell into bed for a well-deserved sleep in our three-star hotel (expensive at about $200/night for a B&B), which was close to the central station in Copenhagen. For me, Max, an early Sunday morning solo walk was interrupted by a number of females who separately approached me offering their services. “I haven’t even had breakfast yet”, I said to one. Another told me that I had a “big arse” and proceeded to give it a not-too-light pat – being a gentleman, I didn’t reciprocate – such is life! Perhaps a hotel away from the station would have been a better option.

Do not attempt the journey from Copenhagen Central to the Cruise Terminal by public transport on weekends. Get a cab. After some ‘expert’ advice from the main Copenhagen tourist office, it took about an hour by train, then a bus ride to get to the end of a south terminal bus depot, only to discover that the north terminal bus which we wanted, doesn’t run during weekends. Fifty arduous minutes later, pulling our bags, we arrive at the ship, frustrated that we just didn’t get a cab in the first place. We live and learn.

Next week, read about Max and Jenny’s Baltic cruise.

Written by Max Williams

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