Top autumn destinations 2021

Travel plans are often put in motion long before the actual trip. Even as Australia moves into the summer months, many dedicated travellers are blocking out weeks in their 2021 calendars to go and explore the best autumn destinations the country has to offer.   

Port Arthur, TAS
Snuggled on the Tasman Peninsula in southern Tassie, Port Arthur is perfect for anyone wanting to recover from the blistering heat of summer, and enjoy scenic hikes and views. However, as beautiful as the town may be, it has a dark history. The small town was a penal settlement in the 19th century and is now an open-air museum. You can explore ruins of the old Convict Church, the penitentiary and cell blocks. It is also one of the best places in Australia to learn about European colonisation and how it affected Tasmanian Aboriginal populations.

Orange, NSW
This inland town, just an hour drive from Bathurst or four hours from Sydney, has some of the best autumn leaves in the country. Colour spills out of the botanic gardens and onto the streets and parks of the town. also recommends a trip up Mount Lindsay to enjoy the colourful view.

Whitsundays, QLD
Stunning beaches, dense rainforests, crystal clear water and the opportunity to log off and relax, the Whitsundays are the perfect autumn destination. These 74 islands lie between the northeast coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, offering a number of unique hiking trails and open expanses of coastline.   

Katherine, NT
If you want to extend your summer, travelling around the warm and sunny Norther Territory is the perfect way to do so. Here, the outback and the tropics collide, giving you the best of both worlds. Explore the Nitmiluk Gorge, trek the world famous Jatbula Trail, immerse yourself in cultural experiences, explore Elsey National Park, relax in the hot springs or explore the winding, underground Cutta Cutta Caves.

Exmouth, WA
When most people think of autumn, they think of colourful leaves and warm beverages, not taking a dive with some of the coolest creatures that roam the ocean. March marks the start of whale shark season at Ningaloo Reef, which lasts until the end of August. Exmouth gives you easy access to the reef and the opportunity to take the plunge of a lifetime.

Adelaide, SA
March is usually festival season in Adelaide, and officials are already planning celebrations that align with COVID-19 restrictions. You can expect more open-air venues in 2021 and acts will likely feature more local talent than previous years. Keep your eyes and ears open for news on the festival’s progression.


Before you book your next trip, make sure you consult the experts on current restrictions, etc so you know what to expect. Wherever possible, try to make a flexible booking.


What is your favourite season to travel in? Have you visited any of these destinations? What recommendations for travelling during autumn would you share with other YourLifeChoices readers?

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