Top five most ‘Australian’ places

We know you can’t pinpoint ‘Aussie’ on a map, but we’ve had a crack anyway. We asked our readers where the most ‘Australian’ place in Australia is, and the results are in. Here are the top five Aussie-est destinations in our great southern land.

5. The Outback
Okay, we know that ‘The Outback’ isn’t an actual location (although a large portion of our readers seem to think so), so we’ll give a special mention to one of its hosts, the Northern Territory, which was just out of the top five at number six.

4. Sydney
Being Australia’s largest city, Sydney – and the harbour in particular – might also be one of our most internationally recognised ‘Aussie’ destinations.

3. Darwin
With great food, natural beauty, beaches, crocs, amazing sunsets and the gateway to Kakadu National park, Darwin does seem to tick all the stereotypical ‘Australian’ boxes.

2. Alice Springs
Our readers really do seem to love the Northern Territory, and for good reason. Alice Springs is the queen of The Outback. It’s dry, hot, has amazing trails, attractions and views, and of course, that amazing red sand.

1. Uluru 

Was anyone surprised? Uluru, that monolithic sandstone rock in the heart of the Northern Territory is the international symbol of Australia. It’s been revered for tens of thousands of years by the first people to inhabit these lands, is known to change colour depending on the time of day or year and is one place everyone should visit in their lifetime.

Do you agree with the top five most Aussie places our readers chose? What would you add to the list? As always, let us know in the comment section below.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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