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One of the beauties of travel is experiencing the sights and sounds and exploring the destination you are visiting. But if there are tools available to you to help smooth your way, you would be happy to utilise them, wouldn’t you? Well, the tools can be found right in your pocket, or rather on your smartphone. Download these handy apps and make getting around that little bit easier on your next holiday.

WiFi Map
A free app, the WiFi Map can assist you in finding wifi hotspots to avoid data roaming charges. It highlights hotspots around your current location and even provides you with the passwords to use them. A word of warning – you need to be careful what data you access when you’re connected to public wifi, so choose your hotspot and what you do with it wisely.

The Citymapper app is useful in helping you to navigate a large city. The app offers transit maps that include real-time departure information, directions if you are riding a bike or walking, as well as suggestions on the best train carriage to be in and what exit you should take when you arrive at your stop.

This free audio app offers walking tours in some major cities written and narrated by locals who will give you a local’s view of their city rather than take you to typical tourist spots.

YourLifeChoices editor Janelle’s favourite app is Wikicamps, the ultimate guide for a weekend – or a month – away, or your next big on-road trip in Australia. The database is kept up-to-date by users, and features the latest information on campgrounds, caravan parks, backpacker hostels, day use area, points of interest, information centres and public dump points. It works offline so all you need to do is download the content to your devise before heading off on your next camping adventure. Do a search online to download a Wikicamps app for other countries, if that’s where you’re heading.

What apps have helped you and made your life easier when you were travelling?

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