Top trip to rekindle romance

If you are thinking about a holiday this Valentine’s Day, you don’t necessarily have to consider a trip to Paris to rekindle your romance.

Research shows that caravan and camping trips can be most beneficial for relationships, with time spent together among nature being just one of the positively contributing factors.

The Caravan Industry Association’s Real Richness Report found that 85 per cent of campers felt closer to their spouse or partner compared to 65 per cent of non-campers.

For couples looking to make the most of their time away together, camping trips offer a chance to disconnect from technology and enjoy time with one another among nature, with 94 per cent of campers believing that camping creates happy memories.

“The value of camping to me is the exclusivity of the time I have with my partner,” a female who participated in the research said.

“I am about to retire and intend to spend more time with my wife after an extended time in the defence force. It is time to pay some time back to my family,” a male participant added.

The research was conducted by undertaking two surveys; one through a sample of 750 people who enjoy caravan and camping trips, and the other with a group of 1000 Australians who had not caravanned or camped in the past 20 years.

For those without access to equipment or who would like to make their Valentine’s Day trip extra special, why not try glamping?

‘Glamorous camping’ has swept onto the scene in the last few years as part of the evolution of camping and offers all the perks of outdoor experiences without getting your hands dirty.

Essentially, glamping is a luxurious form of camping with options ranging from safari tents to treehouses, beach shacks and more, all of which are often fully equipped with electricity, baths and even kitchen facilities, depending on the destination.

All around Australia, scenic destinations are now offering unique glamping experiences on mountains, beaches, rainforests and more, with perfect Valentine’s Day options and something for everybody.

What is the most romantic trip you have taken with your partner? What is your dream romantic destination?

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