Top-rated Aussie experiences

An Australian poll has revealed the top Aussie experiences rated by international travellers and by Aussies themselves.

While the ‘guidebook’ attractions, such as visiting Sydney Harbour, riding the free Melbourne Circle Tram and checking into the Australian War Memorial rank high on international tourists’ lists, it’s the experiences rated by Australians that raise our eyebrows.

According to the poll conducted by Arnott’s biscuits, almost six in 10 locals suggest cuddling a koala and three in 10 say seeing an AFL match should be part of any traveller’s itinerary. But the third must-do activity on the list is one they could do from the comfort of their hotel room.

It involves taking Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit and a cup of coffee and indulging in something called the ‘Tim Tam Slam’.

If you’re like half of those polled who don’t know what a Tim Tam Slam is, or the two-thirds of Australians who’ve never tried it themselves, here’s a quick video showing you how to slam one for yourself.

Research found that 90 per cent of Australians eat Tim Tams, “with 4.1 million Aussies confessing to succumbing to this delicious treat on a weekly basis”.

After Tim Tams, lamingtons (25 per cent), pavlova (22 per cent) and ANZAC biscuits (15 per cent were rated the next best Aussie treats.

Which is your favourite Australian treat? What Aussie experiences do you recommend for international visitors?

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