People make Glasgow

A 30-minute Geek Guide to Glasgow is this week’s Editor’s Choice.

People make Glasgow

Not all travel involves having a lot of time to spend in one place and this is why a 30-minute Geek Guide to Glasgow is this week’s Editor’s Choice.

Glasgow is not only a ridiculously easy city to walk around, but its rich and varied history, from the opulent era of the textile merchants to its more grimy industrial past, make it a welcome stop for visitors wishing to be wowed.

And that’s exactly what Glasgow does – it opens its arms in a warm welcome and then simply amazes people with the beauty of its architecture, the stories of its past and the green open spaces it offers when it’s simply time to take a load off. No longer is this a city you bypass on your way to Edinburgh or the Highlands, it’s a destination worth experiencing for all it has on offer.

Glasgow often surprises people with just how cosmopolitan it is. A spot of high street or designer shopping can easily accommodate a long, lazy lunch at one of the many restaurants, pubs or cafes catering to all tastes. As well as the more traditional pubs, you’ll find many cool and quirky bars only too happy to welcome you in for a cheeky cocktail or glass of wine.

For those who are keen to see as much as they can, then the Geek Guide to Glasgow is possibly the best route to follow. See many of the famous landmarks and learn their history from Dr Nina Baker, who offers free guided walks through the city. Or if you prefer to go it alone, her 30-minute Geek Walk is accompanied by a free PDF, which details the stories of the landmarks and even has a space for you to take notes. And if you want to see a little of what to expect before you go, check it out at


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    10th Dec 2013
    if you are travelling to UK,buy a Seniors Rail Card,costs 28pounds,must be sent to a UK address ,will save you hundreds of pounds.I used in August ,one trip London to Glasgow cost 48 pounds,first class inc meals,in a "quiet carriage"saved over 200pounds!trip only took 5 and a half hours,city centre to city centre
    10th Dec 2013
    Gosh rob101 you must have been on the mail train - lol. London Euston to Glasgow Central with Virgin Trains takes about four and a half hours, not five and a half.
    Our ticket pricing system is crazy. If you buy your ticket 12 weeks in advance then it will cost a fraction of the 'same day purchase' ticket and this is available to everyone, young/old/visitor etc. If you use a Senior Rail Card, or any rail card depending on your situation, you will get another 30% off the reduced priced ticket. There is also a special rail card for visitors which might be worth checking out.
    I like Glasgow, in my opinion it's better than Edinburgh (which is only about and hour and a half away anyway by train or coach).
    When I go there I stay at Premier Inn's (from £29 per room per night). The one close to Glasgow Central Station, in Argyle Street, I can recommend but check out all the hotels on TripAdvisor.
    I'd also suggest you take a trip on the Tour Bus (fairly cheap, stops close to the hotel in Argyle Street and the hotel gave us a £1 discount voucher per person (from memory this'll give about a 12% discount on the fare)) which allows you to 'hop on and hop off' which is good if one isn't too nibble on their feet.
    10th Dec 2013
    thanks Londer,Virgin express leaves Euston 9:10am arrives Glasgow Central 2:30pm.
    Mail Train hasn't run since the 1970's.
    11th Dec 2013
    According to the Virgin Timetable there isn't a 0910 from London Euston to Glasgow Central. There is a 0930 that arrives at 1401 followed by a 10.30 that arrives at 1501. To my calculations that gives a journey time of 4hrs 31 mins.
    It was trumpeted once the West Coast Main Line was finished being upgraded that the journey time was, in fact, around 4hrs 20mins which subsequently got extended by around 10mins.
    My remark about being on the mail train was made 'tongue in cheek' which is why I added an 'lol' at the end of it.
    Pandora's Box
    12th Dec 2013
    Ach, rob101 and Londoner, dinnae fach yersells o'er the wee details. Just sing "I belong to Glesga, dear old Glesga Toon" and cheer yersells up.

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