Whale watch along the NSW coast

This year’s official whale watching season is between 1 June and 30 November 2014, and with increasing numbers of humpback whales now being sighted along the NSW coastline, you can grab pole position by visiting a NSW coastal national park. Whale watching hot spots feature in national parks from Byron Bay in the north through to Eden in the south.

Not only will you see the iconic Humpback, and perhaps the Minke, Blue, Sperm and Orca (Killer Whales) – you are also very likely to see the Southern Right Whale, which have recently been spotted near Sydney beaches, and as far north as Port Macquarie. This is exciting news as it means the Southern Right is returning to give birth and ‘hang out’ after being hunted almost to the brink of extinction.

With an increasing number of people and vessels sharing the water with expectant whales, it’s important to give them their space. The best place to view the whales is from the shoreline and there are many scenic headland viewpoints in the national parks.

To find out the best places to see the whales, check out the whale sightings map on the Wild About Whales website www.wildaboutwhales.com.au or download the Wild About Whales mobile app. If you are lucky enough to live in NSW or are visiting in the next couple of months, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the sight of these majestic creatures in Australian waters?

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