Zoom’s new cover means you’ll never again travel underinsured

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Finally, a travel insurance company has announced that it will cover Australians and New Zealanders with any pre-existing health condition.

The announcement comes on the heels of Zoom Travel Insurance’s integration with Verisk’s medical assessment software program, Travel Box Version 3.0 (BB3).

Zoom customers can access BB3 and complete a simple online declaration of their medical conditions, which are then analysed. Zoom is then provided with a risk score to be used for underwriting. To create a fairer fee for travel cover, BB3 considers more than just your medical condition, such as gathering further information about travellers and the trips that they’re taking.

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“We believe in travel for everybody and recognise that many travellers from Australia and New Zealand are travelling underinsured when it comes to their health,” said director of Zoom Natalie Ball.

“As an insurance innovator that has the customers’ best experience in mind, we’re always looking for best-in-class technologies and are excited to be the first travel insurance brand to integrate with Verisk’s Black Box Version 3.0.

“Gathering medical information and assessing risk can be a challenge for travel insurers. Utilising Verisk’s latest technology means we can get accurate, up-to-date information on medical conditions to make informed underwriting and pricing decisions. Customers can apply for the specific cover they need to ensure they’re travelling with adequate protection,’’ Ms Ball said.

“We cannot stress enough how important it is for customers to tell their insurers about their medical conditions before they travel. It is sometimes tempting for people to not disclose a medical condition to reduce the hassle or cost of taking out travel insurance. But the reality is that travelling without declaring your medical conditions is a risk that could leave you stuck with a horrendous overseas medical bill.”

Online medical screening is a simple and quick process for customers and doesn’t ask for doctor’s certificates or medical reports.

“Utilising BB3 allows customers to declare their conditions and answer a few simple questions as opposed to screening each declared condition individually. Depending upon the condition and how many conditions are declared, the assessment could take anywhere from one minute, to 15 minutes to complete,” said Ms Ball.

“If cover is available, in many instances, Zoom allows its customers to choose whether they want to pay the additional premium to cover their condition or not. For certain conditions, accepting the cover may be compulsory to take out a policy with Zoom.

“Although we may not be able to cover every condition in all circumstances, we will always do what we can to support customers in finding the right cover for their trip, even if it’s not with us. We believe it’s important for travellers to cover their conditions and travel with peace of mind.”

Do you think it difficult to find good travel cover for a pre-existing condition? Who do you use for travel insurance?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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    We always take out a multi trip annual travel insurance policy so what happens if you develop a medical condition with a annual policy ???

    • 0

      double j the annual is the smartest if you travel a lot.

      If something develops by definition it is not pre-existing unless they can prove you had major signs/symptoms and maybe were aiming at a claim. Anything cropping up with confirmation from doctor records would show you should be covered.

      Check the integrity of the insurance provider first though 😉

  2. 0

    This is a member comment and not a promotion (yeah I know the all say that :))
    I have used Travel Insurance Direct for years. Don’t even remember how I got on to them but…
    They seem competitive each time I have checked.
    I mate with diabetes checked with them and since no hospitalization/serious complications etc they said they would cover without an issue.
    Amazingly the email on return and say hope you enjoyed your trip anything you need to claim ::)

  3. 0

    I’m confused, why is this a story, travel insurance companies all cover pre-existing medical conditions, just tell them the conditions, you pay extra and away you go. Many cover 43 conditions, one of which is osteoporosis that some don’t charge extra for. Zoom charge extra so in fact they aren’t as good as others.

    This Zoom lot are no different, appears to be just an advertisement for this business.

  4. 0

    When selecting travel insurance you need to look at who the underwriter is to make sure they are reputable. You also need to read a lot of reviews not about how easy the purchasing process was or how nice the representative you spoke to was but reviews by people who have actually had to make a claim. Some call centers are in foreign countries, sometimes the Philippines, and are manned by people who do not have English as their first language and who are very difficult to understand over the phone. Also the phone calls you make overseas could cost you more than what you get back. I haven’t as yet looked up Zoom but I have looked at many, many travel insurers as I have minor pre-existing health issues. Yes they will insure you in most cases but at an enormous extra cost and it is this extra cost that people can’t afford. This company says they will insure all pre-existing health issues yet down the bottom of the page states they will not but will refer you on to another company. What a joke! Insurance companies also lump everyone with the same complaint in the same basket irrespective of whether you are a minor case who has never made a claim or a major case. I am very, very careful wherever I go and have never fallen over or made a claim, yet pay an enormous premium due to a hereditary disease that causes balance issues. Anyone can accidentally trip over or fall at any time, and they do. Sometimes they hurt themselves very badly yet they don’t pay the premium I have to pay simply because they haven’t been diagnosed with anything, but I have. Also I am not so sure about the so called free travel insurance available with credit cards. Unless you pay a monthly fee for just having a particular credit card I don’t see how you would be entitled to free travel insurance, so beware. After all the insurance industry doesn’t give you anything for free.

    • 0

      Nothing wrong with credit card travel insurance, it’s through Zurich Insurance, they cover and PAY just like any other travel insurance.

      Why free, well sure some cards have an annual fee but nothing like the premium you would pay for travel insurance, other cards don’t have a fee like mine. It just a benefit of having that card with the bank, it’s a marketing move to sell their card, the bank buys a “blanket policy” from Zurich to cover their card holders, limits are the same or similar, in fact some items are greater then other travel policies costing $800, $900, $1,000 for two.



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