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David thinks booking travel will be difficult when borders reopen and wants to know if there is a way to navigate different travel restrictions.


Q. David
As the coronavirus situation in Australia continues to improve, my wife and I are starting to get excited about travel again. In fact, my wife is already talking about booking a cruise for 2022. Unfortunately, the cruise that she is looking at stops in eight different countries and it seems like there are too many things that can go wrong. It is already difficult enough tracking the various travel restrictions across the different states of Australia, let alone tracking what is going on in other countries and regions. Will it be too difficult to book travel before a vaccine is found?

A. While Australia’s international borders remain closed, we can safely assume that when they open, organising travel around the world will be much more difficult than what we have experienced in the past.

What was usually just a matter of checking the Smartraveller website before booking a trip has become much more difficult to navigate, given differing case numbers and government approaches to tracking COVID-19.

Even now many countries are struggling to curb the spread of infection, such as the United States and India, while others have cautiously opened their economies and borders to international visitors.

Rather than trying to check the rules in each of the countries you may be thinking about visiting, I have found the website CovidEntryCheck a useful resource for monitoring restrictions from one country to another.

The website has a team that constantly monitors more than 34,000 travel routes and 200 websites to help stay ahead of the latest information on travel restrictions.

Not only does this website stop you searching for the restrictions in every country you are planning for your trip, it also gives an indication of whether your potential destination is safe when it comes to the number of COVID-19 cases.

The website allows you to easily find all travel information in one place. From details on travel restrictions and COVID-19 statistics to quarantine requirements, you’ll have all the information needed to ensure you’re safe and informed during your holidays.

If your preferred route is still closed, you can easily subscribe to any particular route to keep yourself updated and they will email you once the border opens. The information on the site is updated daily and is free to use.

How difficult do you expect it to be to book travel when Australia’s international borders eventually open again?

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