Gadgets that prove camping doesn’t have to be all about ‘roughing it’

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Many Aussies will take advantage of the warmer weather of the holiday season and head to the beach or bush to go camping. Camping has long been an Australian pastime, but a lot of people turn their nose at nature because they’re forced to forgo the comforts of home. It doesn’t have to be all about ‘roughing it’ though – especially with these 10 gadgets to make camping more comfy.

30-day lantern
Does exactly what the name says – gives you 30 days of reliable light which makes it great for extended stays in the bush when you don’t have access to power. Also good for total fire ban periods or when blackouts hit at home.

30 day lantern

Available on

Eton Scorpion II digital radio
This little solar-powered digital AM/FM radio with crank power back-up also doubles as a flashlight and a personal weather reporter. The crank power back-up can be used to charge your smartphone as well.

eton scorpion two

Available at

Sea to Summit kitchen sink
Now when you go camping you can take the kitchen sink too. Small enough to fit in your bag but large enough to handle your dishes, the Sea to Summit kitchen sink comes with its own storage pouch.

sea to summit kitchen sink

Available at

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Sea to Summit Pocket Shower
You may remember SJ singing the praises of this marvellous camping gadget. This little wonder gives you an eight-minute shower and packs away small enough to fit in your pocket.

sea to summit pocket shower

Available at

Eton Rukus smartphone speaker
If you like listening to the soothing sounds of wildlife whilst you camp, then this contraption isn’t for you. This solar-powered, Bluetooth-ready stereo speaker is waterproof and gives you over eight hours of listening time from a single charge.

eton rukus speaker

Available at

LifeStraw personal water filter
This handy straw filters 99.9999 per cent of waterborne bacteria and 99.9 per cent of waterborne parasites from up to 1000 litres of water. Perfect for putting in your pocket and storing for emergencies.


Available at

Hassock portable toilet
If squatting in the sticks is not your idea of comfy camping, then this portable thunderbox may be right up your alley. Lightweight and self-contained, it even comes with a toilet paper cover and splash guard.

portable toilet

Available at

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BioLite KettleCharge 10W generator
This clever kettle charges a battery that can give you off-grid power using nothing but heat and water. Simply heat your kettle and the battery charges and provides you with 10W on-demand power.

biolite kettle

Available at

Coleman instant cabin tent
When camping, the most challenging thing can often be putting up the tent. But wait! The Coleman instant cabin virtually puts itself up. Just unzip the bag and its pre-attached poles will have you housed in around 60 seconds, or in the same amount of time it takes to pull a tinny out of your Esky.

coleman instant cabin tent

Available at

Lightspeed Outdoors air bed
This air mattress provides the pinnacle of comfort with an adjustable stabiliser system and patented air valve. It comes with a battery powered pump and storage bag. Oh, and it’s PVC-free and weighs only 2.5kg.

lightspeed outdoor bed

Available at 

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Written by Leon Della Bosca


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