What happens to your pet when you go on holiday?

Got plans this Christmas holiday? Now your pet does too.

What happens to your pet when you go on holiday?

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Anyone who has a pet will immediately understand the mixed emotions of booking a holiday. Obviously it’s hard not to be happy about a trip away, but what to do with your precious pooch is somewhat on an issue.

While kennels or boarding facilities are available if you can’t prevail upon a (very good) friend or family member, it’s unusual your pet will get the attention it deserves in this situation and often they can come back with kennel cough or other inflictions simply from being surrounded by so many other animals.

Thankfully, one innovative woman has hatched a plan to solve this problem. Dogs Bed and Breakfast takes clients’ four-legged best friends and places them in minder’s homes so they can enjoy their holiday without worrying about their pooch.

An alternative to dog boarding kennels, they instead offer family care for family dogs. Unlike a kennel, your dog will stay in a family home, live inside, sleep inside and get taken for at least one walk per day.

happy pug dog outside

With only one dog allocated to each minder, they are screened carefully and matched according to their preference of breed and what is most suitable for both the dog and minder alike. Some minders may own their own dogs and if your dog prefers human company alone Dogs Bed and Breakfast will place them with a minder who doesn’t own a pet.

Similar to the concept of Airbnb the initiative is a win win for both parties, giving the opportunity for those who may not have the ability to own their own dog to love and nurture man’s best friend during their stay.

Owners and their dogs meet the minder in advance at their home, so that both parties can ensure they’re completely comfortable with the arrangement. Owners are also responsible for providing all toys, bedding, leads and food so that their pooch will feel at home. Minders receive a daily allowance of $15.50 for their hospitality (or for taking their new pooch on doggy dates)!

A great way for your dog to enjoy the holiday as much as you do, Dogs Bed and Breakfast currently services greater Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula and is on the lookout for more minders.

Find out more at Dogs Bed and Breakfast.

What do you do with your pet when you go on holiday? Do you like the idea of Dogs Bed and Breakfast?



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    24th Dec 2016
    This is not new, there are plenty of other similar services. A pensioner friend of mine does this and at busy periods, is always booked out. Takes small dogs only, one owner only, either 1 or 2 dogs, and can get $30 a day for 1 dog, $50 for 2. She currently has 2 small dogs for 10 days, nice way to earn $500.
    24th Dec 2016
    The short answer is they get left with a family member or get put in dog prison until you get back. Oh for a dog's life..............
    25th Dec 2016
    My wife and I are minders for Don't Fret Pet which has been around for many years so I question the line "Thankfully, one innovative woman has hatched a plan to solve this problem."
    Everything else is the same though. We treat them like our own dog, walk them every day and they sleep on their own cushion in our lounge room with our own little dog.
    25th Dec 2016
    Agree - is nothing new.

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