The adjustable travel bag

Looks at itinerary, then at backpack …

Looks back at itinerary, then at suitcase …

Looks at suitcase, then at duffle bag, then at carry-on bag …


So you’ve planned your trip, and you know what you’ll be taking with you, but not what you’ll be taking it in. Maybe early on you don’t want to lug around a whole suitcase that’s half empty, while saving on check-in fees on the way there is always a bonus. But then, once you’ve arrived and started indulging in presents for friends and family, but mostly yourself, you know you’ll never fit it all in a bag that’s the size of a carry-on.

That is why Piorama has created the universal bag. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to become three different-sized bags, according to need. Don’t worry, regardless of the size, you’ll be equipped with lots of practical compartments, so your evening wear doesn’t have to sit next to your dirty socks.

The smaller-sized ‘weekend bag’ is great for carry-on, keeping your belongings close to you, and even day-to-day use when you’re at home.

Got a hike planned? Simply expand to reveal comfortably padded shoulder straps and a larger packing space. Over the shoulders and off you go with your backpack!

Acquiring belongings as you go? Don’t worry. Once again, the bag can be adjusted into a ‘travel bag’, a duffle-sized bag that can hold all your travel memorabilia.

It’s sturdy but lightweight, comfortable and practical, and might just fulfill the roles of all your pre-existing suitcases and bags around the house.

What sort of bag do you use when you travel? Would something like this be handy for your next trip?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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