Travel Gadget: Is this the best travel gizmo ever?

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You’ll never be without a knife and fork (and spoon, bottle opener, leather punch and security against would-be muggers – just kidding) again, with this handy travel utility.

The Dine Travel Cutlery Compact One-piece utility is, put simply, an outdoor traveller’s dream. This uber-cool, seven-in-one utensil kit is the perfect gift for the outdoors person in your family, or anyone who enjoys hiking, camping or picnics. Basically, for anyone who travels and enjoys adventures.

Imagine having a tool such as this in your travel arsenal. Bottle of wine at the beach: no problem. Catching wild rabbit in the bush: sorted. Opening a bottle of craft beer in Soho: consider it done.

dine cutlery utility

It’s a compact one-piece unit that separates into two pieces, includes a very sharp all-purpose knife, corkscrew and more; is dishwasher safe and, although you won’t be able to pack it in your carry-on, should be a part of any serious traveller’s kit.

Retailing for under $20 and available at, this versatile utility is the perfect gift for a traveller (or for yourself) and could be the solution to many a dilemma on the road.

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    These have been around forever in one form or another. Thought they were great when I was a kid. Swiss arm knives as well. Still have a few, I’m not sure what the laws are about walking around with them in your pocket, it was no problem when I was a kid.

    • 0

      Those are considered weapons this days so if for whatever reasons the Police stop you and search you you will be charged for possessing a Knife as weapon even if is a Swiss one because has a pointing elements that can cause dead if inflicted to other person

      So the answer is do not carry with you not even on your toolbox on the car ….. at home is Ok

  2. 0

    Can you take it on a plane? No it will be confiscated.

  3. 0

    And How in hell YourLifeChoices publish this …. Are these guys do not think ???? just look at the picture you can see pointing elements that you can cause harm if inflicted to other people ….. This is considered a Knife and is a weapon …..

    Again they publish this because they get commission and now some of our pensioners that may go on a trip will get problems if they carry one even on the checked bag

    Wowowowo people do not Think

    • 0

      Seriously? It’s a pocket knife for eating with! You can’t have it in your hand luggage but it would be very useful if backpacking when every bit of weight possible needs to be saved.

    • 0

      Well Crazy Horse …. welcome to the new world thanks to terrorists and other F …up people of this current world.

      Mate it is a pointing shrap knife pocket or not.

      If the police find a pocket knife on you then you will see what happend ….. it is considered a weapon this days …sorry mate

    • 0

      “although you won’t be able to pack it in your carry-on, should be a part of any serious traveller’s kit.”

      And, no, we don’t receive commissions, Aussie!


    • 0

      No commissions Ok sorry about the comment.

      But there are many people in the forum that will follow your advice because you provide good advice all the time and in this case some will pack this on the carry-on or the checked bag.

      Mate at the moment Asian countries X-ray your checked bags before you enter the check in areas to get your boarding pass – Bangkok airports are a sample.

  4. 0

    Hey guys maybe this will be ok and a lot of elements that can be very useful in a trip I’m sure …..wowowowo

  5. 0

    I have a similar gadget that I took on-board my cruise ship luggage.
    The bag was withheld on security check-in. The gadget was confiscated for the duration of the cruise. I did get it back on disembarkation. Fortunately it was not confiscated as check in luggage at the airport.

    • 0

      Lucky … But is better not to take the risk just for such small thing that may cause tremendous problems specially if you go to USA or going over Kuala Lumpur …. they took 2 small used grinding disk in Kuala Lumpur …..

    • 0

      Some years ago I went on a scrap-booking/paper-crafting cruise…….
      ow one of the items you need among your paraphernalia is scissors and most crafters usually have a few “favorites”!
      well once we were on board and settling into the area allocated for our classes, some of the ship’s crew discovered horror of horrors we had scissors!! Caused a flurry I can tell you. Meetings were had! Solution eventually was all scissors would be put into safe keeping, and handed back to participants at beginning of our sessions, to be counted back in and collected at end of session, plus one of the ships crew had to sit in on the lessons to watch these dangerous middle aged women!!

  6. 0

    oh how times have changed. back in the late sixties I went overland from Melbourne to London. As the land border between Afghanistan and Iran was closed I had to fly from Kabul to Teheran to continue my journey. As I boarded the plane security checked my carry on backpack and found my machete (not that it was hidden). They removed it from it’s scabbard to check for drugs and when satisfied there were none, gave me back the machete and let me get on board with it. This was of course before hijacks and terrorist attacks made the world rightly nervous so the machete was only seen as camping equipment. I still have it after carrying all the way to London through every single border crossing and back home on the P&O ship Orsova.

  7. 0

    I think there may be a bit of over-reaction here. I travelled to and around Europe a few months ago and flew to and have been on a US cruise ship since, travelled the US and Canada by car a couple of years ago and always take a small pointed, serrated kitchen knife and a couple of other small utensils and a Swiss army knife. I pack them in my checked luggage and have never had a problem. I think you’ll find for most authorities including the local police “intent” is a large part of whether you are likely to be in trouble. Lets face it hundreds of thousands of people go camping and bush walking so need to take basic food prep. utensils including knives with them; hunters need skinning knives and tradesmen need cutting tools of all types to do their job. Sure if you walk around town with a fixed blade knife in your pocket you’re asking for trouble but a pocket knife secured in a pack or an apple knife in the glove box of a car is unlikely to bring out the Terror Squad.

  8. 0

    I have never had the need for this type of thing ever and I would not want to lug this around with me. I am never in the wilderness where I need any of this stuff.



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