The four tips all Aussie travellers need to know to stay safe

These four tips from travel insurance experts, InsureandGo, may keep Aussie’s safe while travelling through a medium-to-high-risk country.

For all travellers, safety abroad is one of the biggest concerns. And yet, a new study shockingly revealed that 60 per cent of Aussie travellers are unaware of the government-issued travel warnings for high risk countries. So, with this in mind, we should at least understand how to ensure our next overseas adventure is a safer one.

To that end, InsureandGo has compiled a list of essential tips for those travelling to medium-to-high-risk countries.

Check Smartraveller
Possibly the most basic yet important thing you can do to help yourself before you go overseas is to check for safety warnings. They will help you decide whether your destination a write off, or if you’re safe to travel there. Travellers should also check their insurance policies, as not heeding official warnings and visiting certain countries may invalidate later claims.

Always be honest and prepared when it comes to insurance and risky activities
Make sure that if you plan on jet-skiing or riding a scooter in a foreign country that you mention it to your insurance provider. It may increase the cost slightly, but not having it may mean you’re not covered when you need it most. Also, make sure that you conform to the safety requirements of your insurance company, not to those of the country you’re in. For example, it may be legal to ride a motorcycle in Thailand without a helmet, but if you’re in an accident without one, your insurance company may not be legally obligated to provide cover.

Protect your belongings
It shouldn’t take personal experience of theft or losing precious items to understand how seriously it can impact your trip. Always keep your things close to your body, only carry bags than can be fully sealed, stay alert and keep an eye on all your belongings at all times.

Be aware and respectful of local customs
In Australia, there is quite a wide range of behaviours, actions and clothing that are deemed acceptable. However, depending on the country and culture you’re visiting, this change. Of course it’s always best to stay on the right side of the locals, so understanding phrases or gestures that could be offensive is a must. It’s also important to follow the locals with regard to dress, especially around monuments or areas of religious significance. In many countries misconduct around religious figures or the royal family can end you in prison – with serious consequences.    

What other safety tips do you always adhere to while travelling? Have you had any experiences abroad that taught you to ‘wise-up’?



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