Posting iPhone photos on Facebook

Perhaps it was your granddaughter’s fifth birthday party over the weekend or a special friend’s significant wedding anniversary. It’s easy to become snap-happy on important occasions, and uploading photos to Facebook is a great way to share the memories with friends and family. Here’s how to do it from your Apple devices.

Via the Facebook app:


  1. tap the Photo tab (located in the Facebook app options bar at the top of the screen) to make your phone’s camera roll pop up
  2. select the photos you want to upload by tapping them
  3. hit Done to be redirected to the upload screen
  4. customise your upload by tagging friends, overlaying filters and adding the photos to an existing album or edit who can see them
  5. finally, tap Post to upload your photos to your Facebook newsfeed.

Via your iPhone or iPad’s Photos app:


  1. in Photos, tap on the camera roll album and select a photo you want to upload to Facebook
  2. tap the icon resembling a rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards (located at the bottom left of the screen), which will  then show the photos in your camera roll on a horizontal scroll
  3. from here, swipe left or right, tapping to select the photos you want to upload; look for a blue dot on each photo that shows whether the photo has been selected
  4. when it comes to sending and uploading photos, you’ll see a few apps at the bottom of the screen, including Message, Mail, iCloud Photo Sharing and Facebook
  5. once you’ve made your photo selections, hit the Facebook icon to be redirected to the upload screen (if the Facebook app doesn’t display as an option, you may still need to download the app)
  6. customise your upload by tagging friends, adding the photos to an existing album and editing who will be able to see them
  7. now simply hit Post to upload photos to your Facebook newsfeed and you’re all done!

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Written by Amelia Theodorakis

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