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Travel taboos to make you sick

One of the worst things that can happen to you on holiday is becoming ill on the first day. Bugs are usually passed on while you are in transit. The places you are likely to have picked up an illness are airports, airplanes, cruise ports, train terminals – you get the idea.


So, with these tips for avoiding unhealthy travel mistakes, you should make it to your destination without getting sick on the way. The rest is up to you!


Prepare yourself
To improve your chance of staying healthy during holidays, take vitamin C every day for a few weeks before you fly. Also try magnesium supplements to keep you calm and help with sleep, drink plenty of water and try adding turmeric to your diet.


Don’t get stuck with airport or terminal food
Not only is airport food, or food in any other travel departure point usually hellishly overpriced, it’s quite often not the healthiest option. Burger bars, lolly shops, pastries and sugary drinks do not a healthy flyer make. Bringing along a packet of nuts or a few muesli bars will tide you over until you reach a healthier and more satisfying food outlet.


Don’t skip the water
Ah, water! One would be forgiven for thinking that it’s the answer to the world’s woes. That’s because it is the elixir of life. So, going on holiday doesn’t mean you should take a break from H2O. In fact, you can become quite dehydrated in the ‘manufactured’ environments on buses, planes and trains, and the salty air on cruise ships can also dry you out. So, water becomes even more important for staying healthy when you’re away.


Don’t be afraid to pull out your wipes
With all those people jammed into a small space, you’re way more likely to catch a cold on a plane, bus or train, especially if you don’t catch public transport often. So, don’t hesitate to pull out the antiseptic wipes and wipe down your food tray, seats, seatbelt or any surfaces around you.


Wearing tight clothes
If you haven’t flown before, you may not be aware that your body actually swells in the air. Therefore, tight clothes are a no-no on a plane. Wear loose clothing that allows for movement and ‘expansion’ and you’ll be a lot more comfortable on your journey.


Don’t sit still
Whatever your mode of transport, you should endeavour to move around while you travel. Sitting for too long is no good for you. Blood clots can form in your legs, toxins have a tough time passing through your system and there’s always the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which can actually kill you. Or you could just develop a very numb bum. Regardless, moving around will get the blood flowing and reduce your chance of nasty health issues.


Drinking too much alcohol
Because airplane air is dry and your blood has lower oxygen levels when you fly, drinking alcohol has a much more potent effect in the air. You’ll not only feel drunker quicker, but you’ll become dehydrated and increase your chance of infection or developing a shocking headache. Stick to a few celebratory drinks on a long haul and no more than one on a short flight.


Don’t forget the travel pillow
Falling asleep in a bad position could wreck your neck which, in turn, will ruin your holiday. So, make sure you take your travel pillow, or at least try to sleep with your head straight back.


Getting out of whack with time
Try to fall asleep when it is night time, and forgo the naps during the day portions of your flight. This will keep your body’s circadian rhythms in check and go a long way to easing the strain on your immune system caused by jet lag.


Don’t forget to relax
Travel can be a bit stressful, so take time to breath and relax. Stress can weaken your immune system. So, try to plan ahead as much as is necessary to remove stress from your itinerary.


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Do you have any travel tips for staying healthy on holiday?


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