Tuscan night at the opera


San Gimignano is an incredibly beautiful walled city in Tuscany and it is our base for a week of exploration. Our hostess suggested we drive into Sienna to experience some opera. Having never been to the opera, and not sure I will enjoy it, I am hesitant. But this is not going to be like the La Traviata scene in Pretty Woman, but rather an opera experience.


Italian Opera Siena is a young music company founded with the purpose of bringing the best classic Italian opera culture to a wide audience. Between March and November every year, the performances are staged in the historic church of Santo Stefano alla Lizza, in the very heart of the old town, Siena. The church only holds about 100 people and the seating is a bit like a public hall, but the sound quality is amazing and with so few people, it is a cosy and intimate setting.


For only 20 euro per person you will experience a unique selection of the most famous arias and duets from the masterpieces of Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Mozart and more. It’s such a fabulous evening, the performances are incredible, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we’re able to experience the exquisiteness of bel canto in a beautiful historic church. When we leave for the evening we are uplifted by the experience and keen to see a ‘real opera’ when we get back home.


Before the opera we eat at an incredible restaurant, La Taverna di San Giuseppe, which is only 300m from the famous Piazza del Campo. Atmosphere, great wine and great food – a true Italian food experience.


While our night at the opera may not have involved private jets, jewels and furs, but rather our petite baby blue Fiat Punto and our ‘best travel clothes’, it was truly one of the best travel experiences we have had.


Have you been to Tuscany? Or have you experienced a night at the opera?


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