Volunteer in this Italian village

Fancy spending three months in an Italian village with just 300 inhabitants?

Airbnb has teamed up with Italian NGO Wonder Grottole to offer four lucky people the chance to become Airbnb co-hosts in the town of Grottole. The aim is to breathe new life into the community in the UNESCO-listed world heritage town, which is at risk of disappearing.

The four winners will be responsible for welcoming Airbnb guests and showing them traditional village skills such as vegetable farming, honey harvesting, pasta making and olive oil production. They will spend the first month in training before being unleased for the remaining two months.

“We want to help preserve these communities so they continue for generations to come,” said Joe Gebbia, Airbnb co-founder. “By inspiring and supporting others to get involved and make real contributions to village life, we hope it shines a light on the beauty of rural Italy.”

So, are you available for three months from June to August this year? Able to speak good conversational English and open to learning Italian during the trip? Then you may just be the person Airbnb and Wonder Grottole are looking for!

“There’s no traffic, no chaos, no pollution, good food and, above all, welcoming people. People from abroad will bring a new energy to our village and they must be open to sharing their stories with us. We are good listeners.” said villager Rocco, who has lived in the village for 30 years.

To apply and for more information visit Italian Sabbatical.

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Written by Drew Patchell

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