Where can you drive?

Sam wants to go on a driving holiday from Sydney to Perth. Is she allowed?


Q. Sam
My husband and I live in Sydney and are aware that we cannot drive to Queensland given the current border restrictions, but we were wondering if it might be possible to drive through South Australia to Western Australia for a holiday in Perth? Is this allowed?

A. The border restrictions are an ever-changing beast, but at the moment you are not allowed to make that trip.

South Australia recently announced an easing if its border restrictions, but this is only for travellers coming from the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania or Western Australia.

People arriving from other states are required to quarantine for 14 days and border checks are still operating between NSW and South Australia.

The South Australian government is planning to ease the quarantine requirements from other states and territories on 20 July.

The biggest stumbling block to your travel plan, however, is Western Australia.

WA is still persisting with a hard border closure and has not announced a timetable for when it will reopen the border to travellers from any states.

Travellers are not allowed to enter Western Australia unless an exemption has been granted, and exemptions are only granted for essential reasons or to attend a relative’s funeral or visit a relative who is critically ill.

If you are looking for a driving holiday from NSW, the only real option is Victoria but, given the current spike in COVID-19 infections, the NSW government is reviewing its open border policy with the southern state and this may change soon.

Were you planning a driving holiday that has been ruined by COVID-19? Where were you going?

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