Where the Aussie dollar is strong

Finding a cheap flight is usually foremost on the list of holiday to-dos, but if the region you’re flying to doesn’t offer a good exchange rate, then the money you’ve saved can be quickly spent.

So, finding a destination where the Aussie dollar is strong should also be high on the list.

Skyscanner recently released its guide to the countries where our currency is most competitive, and a few on the list may surprise you.

1. Russia
Russia’s rouble has fallen dramatically against the Aussie dollar, due to sanctions imposed on the country after it annexation of Crimea and its supports of Eastern Ukrainian rebels.

In fact, it’s fallen by more than 11 per cent in the past year. While there are areas that are off limits to Aussie tourists, it may be the ideal time to see St Petersburg or, if you’re a football fan, take in a World Cup match. Make sure you visit www.smartraveller.gov.au before making your travel plans.

2. India
The rupee has fallen five per cent over the past year against the Aussie dollar, so visiting the Taj Mahal, the beautiful beaches of Goa or heading off on a health retreat may be cheaper than ever. Once you’re on the ground, food and drink is cheap, as is accommodation, making India one of the cheapest destinations for Aussies to visit.

3. Switzerland
While usually a notoriously expensive destination, the Swiss franc has dropped by three per cent against the dollar, so right now, you’ll get cheaper deals on accommodation, food, shopping, car hire and activities such as skiing St Moritz or other alpine resorts.

4. Indonesia
Indonesia is always inexpensive, but never more than it is now, while its currency has dropped nearly six per cent against our dollar. With cheap flights, food, drinks and accommodation, this means a week away in Bali or anywhere else on ‘Indo’ could cost you less than an Australian holiday interstate.

5. Argentina
In what has been a total currency collapse, the Argentine peso has fallen by almost 40 per cent in the past year. So, there’s never been a better time to plan a trip to ‘the new Europe’. Explore the Iguazu Falls or ride horseback across the plains of Patagonia for much less than you would have paid a year ago.

Read more at www.skyscanner.com.au

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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