Which country is the best?

In what may feel like a touch of déjà vu, Canada has been ranked the second-best country in the world for the second time, according to the US News & World Report Overall Best Country Rankings.

After not even rating in last year’s inaugural report, Switzerland knocked Germany off its perch and took the number one spot.

The US News & World Report Overall Best Country Rankings rates countries on a range of subcategories: adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, movers, power and quality of life. These categories are all weighted differently, with the most heavily weighted being citizenship, entrepreneurship, and quality of life.

Switzerland achieved an overall score of 10 to earn the ‘Best Country’ crown, ranking third in citizenship, fifth in entrepreneurship, and sixth in quality of life.

red deer in canada

With an overall ranking of number two, Canada received a total score of 9.7, ranking fourth in citizenship, seventh in entrepreneurship, and first in quality of life. When it came to the ‘quality of life’ category, Canada received a perfect 10 based on high scores in politics, economy and healthcare – good for first in the world in that category.

Australia also did well, ranking eighth best country in the world, with an overall score of 9.3, coming eighth in citizenship, ninth in entrepreneurship, and fourth in quality of life.

As for the 25 best countries to live in 2017, they are as follows:

1. Switzerland

2. Canada

3. United Kingdom

4. Germany

5. Japan

6. Sweden

7. United States of America

8. Australia

9. France

10. Norway

11. Netherlands

12. Denmark

13. Finland

14. New Zealand

15. Singapore

16. Italy

17. Luxembourg

18. Austria

19. Spain

20. China

21. Ireland

22. United Arab Emirates

23. South Korea

24. Portugal

25. India

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Do any of the countries on this list surprise you? Do you think Australia’s ranking is good? Which countries do you think should, or shouldn’t be, on this list?


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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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