Who loves flying and not dying?

Cramping and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are common occurrences on long and even short haul flights, but a simple pair of socks could keep you comfortable and may even save your life.

For the vast majority of us flying is uncomfortable. Cooped up in a compact space for a long period of time tends to leave most of us feeling worse for wear. But do we often consider the health risks of flying? Or the simple things we can do to decrease our health risk? Like wearing a simple pair of socks.

According to the experts, compression socks reduce the risk of blood clots and the pooling of blood in the feet and legs. They also help the symptoms of varicose veins, reduce the risk of cramping and DVT as well as providing joint support.

The likelihood of these health risks increases both as we get older and when we fly, so here’s some colourful (or not) compression socks, the perfect travel buddy for your next flight.

These Danish Endurance lycra fabric socks with 18-21mmHg graduation level are high quality and offer medical benefits without causing discomfort. They work by creating a gradient of pressure in your legs, decreasing swelling as they force blood back up towards the heart, helping your circulation.

They are designed and made in Europe, and come with a 100 per cent money back guarantee, and are great both on and off the plane.

So, why not pop on these socks for sky-high comfort on your next adventure?

Warning: If you have severe vascular disease you should not wear compression clothing.

Buy yours at www.amazon.com

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Liv Gardiner
Liv Gardiner
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