Why are more Aussies travelling solo?

A new report reveals what motivates Aussies to travel alone – and what stops them from stepping out solo.

The Klook Solo Travel Study, conducted by YouGov, found that the primary reason for Aussies to travel solo is to get away from the drudgery of work (57 per cent), with having ‘me’ time the second biggest motivator (45 per cent).

Of the 21,000 surveyed, 76 per cent have already travelled alone or are considering it.

Specifically, more than six in 10 baby boomers and gen Xers said that they were interested in travelling alone. Around or more than eight in 10 millennials and gen Z respondents said that they would travel solo or already have.

All generations ranked fear of being alone as the primary deterrent to travelling alone (52 per cent), while 46 per cent said safety was their biggest concern, followed by having to plan and book it on their own (25 per cent).

Have you ever travelled alone? Would you consider it? What prevents you from travelling alone?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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