Why economy class is good for you

While there’s no denying that first and business class have all the glitz and glamour – and not to mention the real food – there’s just something to be said for the great qualities you’ll develop should you chose to fly economy class. If you feel you need to work on any of these three traits, then economy class may as well be your proving ground.


Your patience will be tested from the get go – from waiting at the boarding gate, boarding the plane, getting to your seat, waiting for your meal (if you’re getting one), going to the toilet and getting off the plane. Not to mention the cramped seating, or, if you’re unlucky, a crying baby.

But in this chaos comes the opportunity to display a sense of calm and serenity that will strengthen your resolve. And when you realise that you are the master of your attitude, you let nothing phase you.

Good manners

You’ll have to share your armrest (or give it up entirely), excuse yourself to go to the bathroom as you clamber over the person next to you (or try not to get mad at your neighbour doing that to you if you have an aisle seat), politely ask the person in front of you to prop their seat upright so you can eat your meal … and the list goes on.

Put simply, your social graces will be tested, without which, can lead to unnecessary tension, which no one wants when confined to a small, confined space 4 kilometres in the air.


Perhaps not spending money on a seat at the pointy end of the plane means you’ll have more money to spend on experiences that lead to better memories once you reach your holiday destination.Just the fact that you are able to fly, to go on a holiday and to even have the opportunity to have such experiences should be enough to inspire gratitude. So think of that the next time you’re at the back of a plane in an uncomfortable seat.It’ll put things into perspective – and a smile on your face.

Whereas, many flying in business and first are likely to complain at every little mishap just to feel that they are getting their money’s worth – and may be less likely to feel grateful by the end of the flight.

Any other ways economy class makes you a better person? Or do you disagree?

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