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It’s hard not to love photography. And, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Following that train of thought, the Sony World Photography Awards must be worth most of the words in the world.

Whilst being ‘fun employed’ in London, I was lucky to have the chance to view the 2015 exhibition first hand at the historic Somerset House.

And it definitely did not disappoint. The world’s biggest photography competition, includes five competition subsets: Professional, Open, Youth, Mobile Phone and the National Awards. Each subset also has its own categories.

With over 173,000 entries from 171 countries, the awards attract photographers of all abilities, proving that art really is universal.

Using a mix of media, including ipads, videos and, of course, the prints themselves, photographers captured countless moments, evoking many different emotions.

My favourite? Colours by Nadia Dias, taken in the slums in India. Winning second place in the Travel category of the Professional Competition, the images were inspired by the way colour still created pockets of happiness in an otherwise sad situation.

The exhibition is a truly fascinating, insightful and cultural experience. And while you may not be able to view the exhibition in person, you can view some of the winning images here

Also, keep an eye out for the exhibition’s arrival in Australia, as it does travel around.

Why not take a look and tell us which image captures your attention the most?

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