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Lonely Planet has just released its Ultimate Travel List, featuring the most amazing sights in the world. And while you may think you can guess exactly what they are, it’s not the stereotypical landmarks that necessarily take out the titles.

Aiming to identify the most thrilling, memorable and downright interesting places on the planet to visit, its travel experts have voted the Temples of Angkor as the single-most amazing sight the world.

In second place, we’re proud to be patriotic and say Australia’s underwater wonderland, the Great Barrier Reef, was named as runner up. Machu Picchu came in third with the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal completing the top five positions out of the 500 featured in the book.

A compilation of the places it thinks you should experience, the Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List is out now. You can also download a PDF of the top five sights for free.

What would you name as the most amazing sight you’ve ever experienced on your travels?

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