Would you put your face on your case?

Forget the coloured ribbon and the unique bag tag, there’s a new way to personalise your luggage. Slightly less subtle, UK-based gifts company Firebox has come up with the interesting idea of printing your face on your suitcase.

While there’s no doubting no one will want to steal it at the carousel – unlike walking off with another unsuspecting black one – taking one with someone else’s face on would be rather obvious. This happens to be exact reason the idea was born, after Firebox’s Managing Director, Kristian Bromley, had his luggage taken by another passenger while on holiday.

Essentially a giant sticker, the “Head Case” suitcase cover is made of durable polyester spandex that stretches to fit over your bag. And before you ask – yes, it has openings to allow you to utilise the bag’s handles.

Coming in three sizes: small, medium and large, it’s not just your face that you can put on your case. All Firefox require to print your cover is a high-resolution image that they’ll print on both sides for your bag.

Bearing in mind that the image needs to be stretched to the size of your suitcase, the possibilities are endless. Read: your favourite pet, best holiday snap or selfie. As Firefox point out: “after all, nothing says ‘that’s my luggage’ quite like a giant version of your own face smiling back at you as it shudders round the conveyor belt.”

What do you think of the Head Case concept? Would you want to decorate your luggage with your face or a favourite image?

RRP: from approximately AUD $40 at Firebox.

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