Would you visit ‘Loveland’?

You might not hear about Jeju Loveland from your travel agent, but if you’re looking for a memorable experience to top off your South Korean odyssey, this might be it.

This unusual destination has an interesting history that dates back to international travel restrictions imposed on South Koreans following the Korean War.

As overseas travel was a near impossibility, Jeju Island (with its warm climate) became a hotspot for honeymooners.

With conservative views on sex and arranged marriages still quite common at the time, some honeymooners found themselves in need of assistance when it came to consummating their marriages. In the 1980s, hotel employees reportedly performed ‘professional icebreaking’ services and provided themed entertainment to help newlyweds relax and get the ball rolling.


Today, South Koreans are no longer limited to domestic travel, but Jeju Island is still a popular tourist destination for young couples, partly due to Jeju Loveland (the beautiful beaches don’t hurt, either).

The park, which opened in 2004, features over 140 permanent sculptures centred on sensuality and eroticism. Graduates of Hongik University created the sculptures, and there are monthly exhibitions featuring the work of South Korean artists.

Sculptures in the park range from life-sized and anatomically correct to giant and not even slightly. Admission costs 9000 won (or just under AU$10) and there’s a gift shop where you can find some truly unique souvenirs.

You can visit the official website here, but you’ll find it’s a little conservative.

The Visit Korea page has more information about the park and if you’d like to see some more sculptures, have a look on Flickr (you’ve probably already guessed it, but some of these are quite graphic).

If Jeju is a little out of your way on your trip, you might want to look into the Love Museum (located in Seoul) or the Love Castle (located in Gyeongju).

What do you think? Would you consider a trip to Jeju Loveland?

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